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Donald Glover Surprises Fans with New Childish Gambino Album "Atavista"
Donald Glover surprised fans by dropping his latest Childish Gambino album, Atavista, without prior announcement. The album, a refined version of his 2020 release 3.15.20, was made available on streaming platforms. Glover also premiered the music video for the new track "Little Foot Big Foot," featuring Young Nudy and directed by Hiro Murai. Explaining the re-release, Glover mentioned that 3.15.20 was originally intended to be titled Atavista but was quickly put out without mastering due to personal circumstances and the pandemic. He teased that the final Childish Gambino album, set to be released this summer, will serve as the soundtrack to his upcoming film, Bando Storm and the New World. To celebrate the album releases, Glover plans to embark on The New World Tour, marking his return to touring since 2019, with tour dates yet to be announced.