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Millie Bobby Brown's Surprising Revelation: Why She Can't Watch Movies
In a recent interview, Millie Bobby Brown, known for her roles in Netflix's "Stranger Things" and the new film "Damsel," left fans puzzled by revealing that she doesn't watch movies herself. Despite starring in various films and TV shows, the 20-year-old actress admitted to finding it challenging to sit through movies due to her inability to stay focused on a screen for extended periods. While her fiancé, Jake Bongiovi, is a self-proclaimed movie buff, Brown confessed that she prefers to stay engaged in activities like baking or grooming dogs rather than passively watching films. Fans expressed surprise and confusion over her revelation, questioning how she supports her peers and refines her craft without watching movies. Despite her aversion to watching films, Brown's recent project, "Damsel," has garnered immense success on Netflix, with her portrayal of the independent and resilient character Elodie earning praise from audiences.