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Dua Lipa's achievements now extend beyond music as the 27-year-old singer ventures into fashion design. Collaborating with Donatella Versace, she co-designed the "La Vacanza" women's collection.

The concept behind the collection, which translates to "vacation" in Italian, was a shared vision of modern elegance. Dua expressed, "Donatella and I connected over our mutual love for this time of year during the creation of this collection." Exploring the archives, they discovered a shared affinity for certain references, which proved to be an inspiring and fulfilling process. "La Vacanza" encompasses a range of designs, including metallic miniskirts, alluring bikinis, butterfly rings, and printed pieces inspired by Versace's SS '95 collection. Dua declared, "There's always an occasion to wear Versace, and I know I'll be spending my summer days (and nights!) in La Vacanza."

The collection prominently features the iconic Butterfly & Ladybugs print, originally introduced in Versace's Spring-Summer 1995 collection. Donatella enthusiastically expressed her love for the summer and how the collection celebrates the essence of that season. With stunning colors, playful prints, and breezy silhouettes, it embodies the epitome of summer. From lounging by the pool in a vibrant printed bikini to dressing up for sultry summer evenings in the perfect evening dress, these garments evoke a sense of holiday and sun-soaked bliss. Donatella emphasized the complementary nature of their collaboration, stating, "Dua loves fashion, I love music—we are the perfect duo! Designing this collection together was an absolute joy. It felt like we were on vacation, and that's precisely the spirit we want people to experience when they wear our clothes."