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Lady Gaga is in high spirits after being nominated for an Academy Award at the 95th Oscars. The 36-year-old is nominated for Best Original Soundtrack for her song “Hold My Hand” for Top Gun Maverick. She is up against Rihanna with her song “Lift Me Up” for Black Panther Wakanda Forever, Kaala Bhairava, M.M. Keeravani, and Rahul Sipligunj for Bollywood mega hit RRR, Diane Warren with Tell It Like A Woman as well as David Byrne, Ryan Lott, and Mitski for Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Lady Gaga took to Instagram to post a picture of her holding a bouquet of celebratory flowers and shared her excitement and gratitude saying “Thank you so much to the Academy for nominating my song ‘Hold My Hand’ for an Oscar this year!”

Along with that she shared and update on the new Joker movie that’s currently in the works.
“I’m on set filming now big love to little monsters! ????” she added, along with a Joker card, alluding to the fact that she’s working on the second Joker film.

Gaga plays Harley Quinn in Todd Phillips’ The Joker: Folie à Deux the sequel to Joker (2019)
Folie à Deux is a psychological disorder and while DSM5 doesn’t considers it a separate entity but rather a branch under “Delusional Disorder” other schools of Psychology consider it a special type of dependent based delusional disorder.
It is where two people are isolated from society or have very little social interaction start mirroring each other and share certain eccentric behaviors. It is also called Shared Psychosis or Shared Delusional Disorder (SDD).

Joining Lady Gaga is main man Joaquin Phoenix, Zazie Beetz, Harry Lawtey, Brendan Gleeson, and Catherine Keener.

The Joker: Folie à Deux is set to hit theatres somewhere in 2024.