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Of all the Celebrities and people who have made their mark in Hollywood, there are really only a handful of them who’s lives we’d actually like to see portrayed on the big screen. One such person is Eddie Murphy.

Murphy is without a doubt one of the pillars of entertainment from our childhood and a cornerstone of what makes us as sarcastic as we are. Starting as a show regular on Saturday Night Live in the 80s, Eddie’s career spans an impressive 40 years.

Murphy became a beloved household name in 1984 when he suited up to play chaotic Beverly Hills Cop Detective Axel Foley, a character he will be repricing this years as they bring back the franchise for a fourth time on Netflix.
Murphy is also known for being in Coming to America, The Nutty Professor, Mulan, Dr. Dolittle, Daddy Day Care, Shrek and The Haunted Mansion.

Now after 10 years of being away from the spotlight, Murphy is ready to make his big (second) entrance! And just in case you’re as curious as we are about what went on in those 10 years and also what amazing happening took place in his childhood to make him the brilliant person he is today, well there is a documentary in the works about his life!

The Last Stand is set to chronicle Murphy’s amazing career, from his young stand-up comedy roots to his unforgettable stint in Saturday Night Live, and becoming one of the world’s biggest movie stars.
Recently during an interview while on the press tour for his latest film “You People” Murphy was asked about his thoughts and feelings about the documentary.
Eddie opened up about how he was hesitant to let people into his personal life and to share what goes on in it but then he ended up admitting to himself that his life story was interesting enough to be documented.

"They've been doing that documentary for... They started that when I went back to host 'Saturday Night Live.' So what's that? Three years ago, four years. […] Well, I have been [in the business] so long, and there wasn't anything like that, and I've had a unique career. So I was like, 'Everybody does documentaries now.' I've been doing it long enough, and there's enough stuff that there's an interesting story there, how it all happened, and it's all documented.”