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Lizzo Announces "Quitting" Music Amidst Backlash and Legal Battle
Grammy-winning artist Lizzo shocked fans with an emotional Instagram post, declaring her intention to "quit" music due to relentless criticism from both her personal circle and online detractors. Expressing her desire to spread joy through her music and make a positive impact on the world, she lamented feeling ostracized and disrespected. The post comes amidst a sexual harassment case filed by three of her former backup dancers, alleging mistreatment and creating a hostile work environment. While some accusations, like fat-shaming, have been dismissed, the sexual harassment claim remains unresolved. Criticism intensified after Lizzo's performance at a re-election fundraiser for President Biden, with the dancers voicing their disapproval. The situation underscores the challenges faced by artists in navigating both public scrutiny and legal battles, raising questions about accountability and support within the entertainment industry.