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The Witcher showrunner, Lauren Hissrich, has provided an explanation for the decision not to end the series following Henry Cavill's departure. Cavill completed his final scenes as Geralt in The Witcher last year, and viewers will witness his last performance in season three, scheduled to premiere on Netflix in June.

Rather than concluding the popular show with Cavill's exit, the show's executives opted to recast the role of Geralt, with Liam Hemsworth now confirmed to take on the character in season four.

Hissrich expressed, "We had the option to let Geralt exit and bring the series to a close. However, we weren't willing to do that because there are still too many untold stories we want to explore." She and the production team believed that recasting Geralt was the best path forward.

She further explained, "If we replaced Geralt with another Witcher, we would deviate significantly from the books, and I don't think that's what anyone desired." While the show's creators mourned Cavill's departure after season three, they have confidence in Hemsworth's casting. Hissrich added, "We're all thrilled about Liam joining us. He has a tough act to follow, but he brings an abundance of energy and enthusiasm."

The introduction of Hemsworth signifies a fresh chapter for the show, evoking a range of emotions within the team. Nevertheless, their love for the project propels them to continue moving forward. Hemsworth himself praised his predecessor in a statement following his casting announcement, saying, "Henry Cavill has portrayed Geralt with incredible talent, and I'm honored that he's passing the torch to me, allowing me to embark on the next stage of this character's journey."

He continued, "Henry, I've been a fan of yours for years, and I was inspired by your portrayal of this beloved character. While stepping into the Witcher world comes with great responsibility, I'm genuinely excited to take up the mantle and wield the White Wolf's blades in the next chapter."