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Last year, Katy Perry released her holiday jingle Cozy Little Christmas.

And on Sunday, the singer, 35, announced that the song's music video would be coming out on Monday nearly one year after its original release.

''Tis the season to get cozy with a few of my furry friends! Oh and too! #CozyLittleChristmasMusicVideo TOMORROW at noon PT!,' she said in the post along with a clip of the video.

The I Kissed a Girl singer is spotted with a head full of colorful ornaments making her look like a Christmas tree herself.

She matched the ornaments in her hair with a pair of green earrings and a pair of long red gloves as she took multiple shots of eggnog.

As she sang, little clay-mation snowman characters danced along to the music.

After her shots, it seems as though the eggnog wasn't enough has she takes a dip in a giant candy cane martini.

The singer looked like the holiday treat herself in a vibrant red and white body suit with a mistletoe leaf hanging above her head.

As she sang she swirled and danced around in the beverage in a room with walls of velvet red and ornaments hanging from the ceiling

Perry wrote the song with Greg Wells and Ferras Alqaisi and was her last single before she began dropping her latest music Small Talk and Harleys in Hawaii.

'Christmas comes early!' she wrote at the time of release showing herself tucked away in a Christmas package.

While Katy is promoting the new jolly music video, she's doing it abroad with her fiancé Orlando Bloom.

The two love birds jetted off to Japan for their holiday along with his son, Flynn.

The Lord of the Rings actor is currently doing a press tour and brought along his leading lady for some fun as they enjoyed a traditional tea ceremony on Thanksgiving.