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New trailers: Luke Cage, Dumbo, The Grinch, and more
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The latest trailer for Luke Cage season 2 barely has Luke Cage in it. Instead, it’s all about the rise of Mariah Dillard. It’s not clear how the show will follow Dillard in season 2, but this trailer almost presents her as not only a dubious character, but a different view on the events of the show. The all-new season premieres on June 22nd.

Disney won’t stop until all of its animated classics have been reimagined as a live-action movies, and one of its next will be Dumbo. Tim Burton’s is the director here and seems to have filled the picture with his signature dark but magical style, which seems to be a good fit. It comes out next March.

The studio that made Minions is attempting its own take on Christmas classic movie The Grinch, and it seems to be the exact mix of shiny animation, annoying kid humor, and cute visual gags that you would expect. The movie is almost definitely going to make a ton of money this winter. It comes out November 9th, which means, if you’re an American, you’re going to be watching this with your family over Thanksgiving weekend