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Singer-songwriter Sia is well known for her worldwide hits that have been recognized for their unusual concepts and videos. As a public personality, she has separated herself from the normal pop star, covering her face with wigs while also being extremely open about her life story and any troubles she has had over time.

Her new Christmas album, “Everyday is Christmas” is the first time the artist has added her own twist to the Christmas carols we all know and love. The album features original songs that remind one of popular Christmas songs played throughout the season, such as “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” and “Frosty the Snowman.” Sia’s unique vocal and musical styles are unlike that of many other performers, and her individuality truly shines through in the album.

The first song on the album, “Santa’s Coming For Us” at first sounds like the album may be a disappointment in terms of Christmas carols but soon kicks in with upbeat patterns that can make you dance in your seat right away. After listening to the song for a while, the lyrics seem to sound more and more like those of “Santa Clause Is Coming to Town,” and I had to check back to look at the title of the song. I really felt immersed in the Christmas spirit, and it easily became one of the best songs on the album.

While streaming the new release, the moment the cover appears on the screen, it is obvious that this will be a festive album, but with Sia’s normal flair. Young performer Maddie Ziegler is surrounded by green and red stripes, polka dots and dons a green and red wig in the same style as many of Sia’s past wigs.

Her eyes pop out of the photo and her facial expression is one that is just as attention-grabbing as those in the music videos of “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart,” just to name a few. The album cover is the first taste one gets of the album, and the art is a true representation of what the album has to offer.

The album has upbeat melodies and strong beats that really make it feel like Christmas. Even on a rainy November day the album can make the time pass easier and emits the feelings of baking cookies on Christmas Eve or opening presents Christmas morning. There are also ballads that are soothing and have simple instrumental rhythms like any other Christmas carol.

“Everyday Is Christmas” also has a fair share of love songs that will provide you with a refresher from the normal “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” The song “Candy Cane Lane” is cute, fun and creates the picture of skipping through a world made of candy while hand-in-hand with a dear friend.

I can already picture the song being featured in a Christmas parade, sung atop a float made of candy canes, and I cannot say I’m upset about it.

The title song, “Everyday Is Christmas” is a softer take on Sia’s version of Christmas. It is a slower tune than many of the other tracks on the album, and it too is an original love song. It makes me think of a love song straight out of the early 2000’s.

Its sweet lyrics and simple sounds are the perfect combinations, and an excellent break from the majority of cheerful Christmas songs that may be well overplayed before December 25th even rolls around.

Sia’s debut holiday album is truly a shock. First impressions may be vastly wrong, because the album as a whole is full of Christmas spirit and really brings the holiday season to these cold, wet days leading up to the festivities.

I have already recommended it to many friends and I will be sure to add it to the holiday baking playlist. “Everyday Is Christmas” encapsulates the spirit of the holidays,  and I hope that Sia’s first holiday album isn’t her last.