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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done an excellent job of creating a vast chronology filled with significant events from different eras. While it may have helped fill in the blanks in some of the movies or comics, some events have yet to be explored. One of the biggest moments in MCU history that fans really want to know more about is the story behind The Black Widow and Hawkeye’s mission in Budapest.

Now, according to Scarlett Johansson, fans will finally know what happened during that lucky mission, but when and how will it come to fruition?

Scarlett Johansson recently explained that everyone at Marvel agreed that viewers should know what happened to Natasha and Clint in Budapest before the upcoming black widow. This is certainly exciting news for MCU's longtime fans, and until now, we have only been able to imagine what could have happened during the trip to Natasha and Clint Budapest. During the Avengers events, Nat compared it to the New York War, one in which Clint was quickly shot dead. Still, things seem a little stylized when they were there.

With the exception of Budapest, fans can expect Black Widow Natasha Romanoff's past to dive deep into the red room, and the shock that ensued. The past will definitely return in a big way when Nat returns for the film, and Scarlett Johansson seems more than ready to take it.