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Fortnite will be soon getting a graphics update for at least some gamers. On Sept. 17, Nvidia will plan to initiate a whole suite of new graphical upgrades mostly focused around real-time ray tracing.

Real-time ray tracing is one of the selling points of Nvidia’s RTX lineup of cards, as well as AMD’s upcoming graphics cards. The brand new features will include ray-traced reflections with shiny glass surfaces that will show what’s behind you in real-time, ray-traced shadows for more realistic darkness and detailed shadows, and a host of other lighting upgrades.

Nvidia even designed a custom Fortnite map called the RTX Treasure Run. This map is created with the aid of members of the Fortnite Creative community to allow gamers to hunt for treasure in an environment designed to highlight some of the real-time ray tracing functionality.

In order to make complete use of Fortnite’s new Nvidia updates, players will be required to have a graphics card compatible with real-time ray tracing. Including the Nvidia’s RTX line, from the Geforce 2060 all the way up to the Geforce 2080 Ti, and continues through the recently announced Geforce 3070, 3080, and 3090. A few of Nvidia’s older GTX cards have the capacity for software ray-tracing, however, Nvidia recommends sticking to RTX cards. AMD will also have its own line of new graphics cards that have the capability for real-time ray tracing which will be out somewhere in the not too distant future.