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The Jonas Brothers practice proper social distancing protocol in their new video for “X” with Colombian music star Karol G. The flirtatious, Latin-infused track sees the trio urging someone to “kiss me like your ex is in the room,” but given that there is a pandemic going on, that fantastical kiss has to remain in all of our imaginations.

Instead, Joe, Nick, and Kevin perform on iPhone cameras, which twirl around Karol G — who appears on her own separate phone screen — via stop-motion animation. It’s a clever way to get around the obvious challenge of trying to film a music video during the COVID-19 crisis, while still maintaining the party-ready energy the song calls for.

Over the weekend, the four artists performed “X” for the first time on Lebron James’ primetime special “Graduate Together: America Honors The Class Of 2020” following Barack Obama‘s commencement speech.

The Jonas Brother’s surprised their fans on Friday when they released the new song. They also hinted that a new album could be released by the end of the year.