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American Idol judge Katy Perry delivered her debut live performance of “Daises,” inside of a spectacular digitally-enhanced environment. Wearing a pink dress, no shoes and showing her baby bump, Perry looked like Alice in her animated wonderland, as walls and cartoon furniture appear around her and steep falls appear under her feet.

“Daises” dropped last week, a triumph against the haters. Daisies” will appear on Perry’s forthcoming album, which is scheduled to drop on Aug. 14. In the meantime, she’s slated to perform the new song live on Sunday’s season finale of “American Idol.”

This is the comeback song that Perry has been waiting for since she took the job as an “American Idol” judge in 2018, effectively signaling that she was a has-been.

But, at still just 35, Perry always had plenty of time for a comeback, and it starts here, with a return to the kind of empowering pop that made “Firework” and “Roar” such big hits.

The ethereal video for “Daisies” features a pregnant Perry singing in a field of flowers and showing off her growing baby bump in a white sundress and the music video has already amassed more than a million views on YouTube within 13 hours of its Thursday release.

The pop star is expecting her first child with her fiancé, “Pirates of the Caribbean” star Orlando Bloom, who was first romantically linked to Perry in 2016. Last month, Perry unveiled the sex of their baby on Instagram, sharing “It’s a girl,” along with a photo of Bloom covered in what looked like light pink frosting.